"Rise", the final track, is pretty damn haunting. The bombastic Zimmer Batman tune fading into the music that we last heard during Bruce’s parents’ deaths in Batman Begins

This is going to be one special fucking movie, man.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has a new plot synopsis.

When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batmans legacy piece by piece.


I really dig the propaganda surrounding the film cells. I wonder if these will be seen along with what we saw in New York. I might consider picking one of these up.

As for the synopsis, it obviously doesn’t reveal much. But it does officially establish that Selina Kyle/Catwoman at least starts out on Bane’s side. It also tells us that Gordon is going to have an even more important role to play in this story (as if that wasn’t obvious from the teaser).

When it comes to Christopher Nolan flicks, the littlest bit of info might as well be a leak of the entire movie. He keeps his shit airtight.

All this “Anne Hathaway is not Catwoman” Bullshit, or; Jacob Rants About Stupid Catwoman Fans, Part II

All this “Anne Hathaway is not Catwoman” bullshit. It reminds me distinctly of the “The gay cowboy is not the Joker.” bullshit circa 2007/2008. Look how that turned out.

Nolan picked Hathaway. That means he saw something in her that fit what he wants to do with this character. But you fanboys/girls are blinded by your hate for an actress that has no real basis whatsoever.


Did you ever stop to consider that maybe “Catwoman” isn’t a title Selina Kyle invents, but a title the public invents simply by seeing her with the goggles on her head? Or maybe that we should wait until the damned movie comes out? Because, contrary to the way you guys think, the shots in the film will not look like the set photos you are seeing. It’s gonna be another film with Wally Pfister’s gorgeous cinematography. But waiting to have an opinion until you see the damn movie would mean you’d have nothing to bitch about, right? 

No, wait. You guys always find something to bitch about. You’ll never let a new adaptation of a character you love succeed because it isn’t exactly how you want it to look. Because looks mean everything in your precious little worlds and any deviation from the character established in a different medium with different goals is heresy. After you see the finished product you’ll invent flaws that don’t exist to justify your hatred for new ideas being infused into your favorite worlds because for some reason you see it at threatening the sanctity of the character or some shit. Because of that, I can’t take your opinions seriously, as they are informed only by your rabid fanboy/girl my-way-or-the-highway whining that doesn’t think its own shit stinks.